Thursday, 9 Dec 2021

Why Is Warren Buffett Ignoring the Coronavirus Market Dip?

The short-term coronavirus market dip doesn’t seem to interest the Berkshire Hathaway CEO. So, what will he buy next?

The coronavirus has brought markets through the deepest correction since 2008. Investors are beginning to speculate what is Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett going to buy. And this makes a lot of sense. After all, it is Buffett who said “…be greedy only when others are fearful.”

Over the past few weeks, the markets fell very severely, very fast. Market commentators turned bleaker every day, while the S&P 500 kept tumbling lower and lower, apart from brief periods of brutal volatility. It was a grim picture—as any market correction should be—and given that the economy is on a near complete lockdown, there are not many signs that things will soon get better, apart from one: Famous investors are beginning to look greedy.

Howard Marks, one of the most careful and celebrated investors, hinted in a recent Bloomberg interview that he is out in the market buying. Marks seemed rather optimistic; indeed, he has been complaining about how dear the market has become for some time now.

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