Saturday, 9 Dec 2023

The SBA low-interest disaster loans

Who can use an SBA disaster loan

The SBA offers disaster assistance in the form of low-interest loans to businesses, renters, and homeowners located in regions affected by declared disasters.

Physical damage
Loans to cover repairs and replacement of physical assets damaged in a declared disaster.

Economic injury
Loans to cover small business operating expenses after a declared disaster.

Disaster loan use
If your insurance, and funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), doesn’t fully cover the disaster assistance you need, you can use disaster loans for a number of purposes.

Real estate
Personal property
Cash register
Economic injury
Machinery and equipment
Beauty products
Active military duty


Get disaster assistance

The process to apply for disaster assistance is simple. To qualify, your business or home must be in an affected area as stated by a disaster declaration.



Document and magnifying glass

Check disaster declarations

See if the SBA has issued a disaster declaration in your area.


Apply for a disaster loan

Loans are available for businesses and homes affected by disaster.

Application and envelope

Check your status

Log in to your account and check your email for updates.

To Learn more about Disaster Assistance

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