Tuesday, 23 Apr 2024

The new coronavirus economy: A gigantic experiment reshaping how we work and live

(Illustration by Cody Muir for The Washington Post)

By Craig Timberg, Drew Harwell, Laura Reiley and Abha Bhattarai
March 21, 2020 at 2:06 p.m. PDT

Ferrell Alvarez and Ty Rodriguez closed their restaurants in Tampa’s trendy Seminole Heights neighborhood last week. But they have a plan for riding out the coronavirus outbreak: Building a takeout business of fried chicken sandwiches and gnocchi with short ribs for Floridians hungry for comfort food amid a global crisis.

“Tuesday was the most dreadful day for me. I was crying,” Alvarez said. “The next morning I created our concept.”

TAMPA, FLORIDA – March 20:
To go orders wait to be picked up at Rooster & The Till in Tampa, Florida on March 20, 2020. Earlier this week, all four restaurants closed and 41 employees had to be laid off from The Proper House Group. Partners Ferrell Alvarez and Ty Rodriguez have now opened up Rooster Re-Dux, with all of their restaurant concepts under one roof doing take out only options due to Covid-19.
(Photo by Eve Edelheit for The Washington Post)


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